IMG_1963Hanson Road Reopens Saturday Morning with a “No Motor Vehicles” (NMV) bicycle/ run event  (11/7/15)

THE GOOD—The bicyclists overwhelmed the runners in sheer numbers, but not necessarily in enthusiasm. Well over 100 cyclists, kekei to kapuna, pedaled off a few minutes past 9:00 AM including two Council members &, assorted administrators, on a wide variety of bicycles, headed to the Hana Highway (closed) intersection, before returning to the starting location. Some elected officials arrived later, in plenty of time to ride the round trip route, including Mayor Arakawa and Central area Councilman Don Guzman.

Having two lanes of roadway and two narrow (in our estimation) shoulder widths, separated by painted white line, made for first class riding at various speeds, with no danger of MV’s. Even the single intersection was well monitored by MPD, who waved cyclists through, while stopping the occasional crossing MV.

Once the nearly four mile trip ended, there were plenty of pupu and drinks provided by Goodfellow Brothers (GFB) and the Maui Bicycle League, served under the shade tent also provided by GFB.

THE BAD— OK, maybe not-so-good is term with more aloha, although not such a catchy movie title. Those stripe segregated shoulders now become the not very safe bike route, offering no protection to bicyclists under duress from cars and large trucks navigation the rebuilt twisting roadway. Mo’ betta, a separated bike lane running parallel to the new roadway, (such as one along mauka side of Mokulele Highway-  more on that below), which seemingly would mean land donated by local corporations forming a public private partnership for public good. But how many of those participating parents will allow the kekei to bike ride along Hanson Rd after this morning in the present configuration??. Our guess is very very few.

THE UGLY– This morning several guys from S Maui, including KCA directors and members, made this a car free event, bicycling from home to Hanson Rd along this just referenced bike lane along the Mokulele Hwy And while it was highly successful, it is ugly to see how lack of maintenance along the path has weeds growing into & narrowing the 2 directional path, and much worse how the edges of the asphalt are deteriorating. Like most anything, our residences, our cars, our bikes and our bodies, basic preventative maintenance prevents catastrophic failures. Lets go, HDOT. Today was a good one, and let’s make sure we have many more in the future, and NOT let them turn bad and ugly.

Three Maui News Photos in 11/8/15 edition: 


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