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Each of the nine committee members had their single selected individual from their area approved, and by mutual agreement two at large as well, so the slate of eleven will be presented to the Council on Nov 20. (Since this is the the same nine members in the PIA Committee as are on the Council , this seems to be a slam dunk. Here are the selections with their “sponsor “ :


Jonathan Starr (B. Carroll); Renee “Kehau” Filimoeatu (D. Guzman); Kay Okamoto (R. Hokama); Kimo Haynes (M. White); Paula Friel (S. Crivello) ; Ray Phillips (D. Couch); Doreen “Pua” Canto (G. Baisa); Tony Takitani (M. Victorino) and Tamara Paltin (E. Cochran.)

The two at large selections, Dave DeLeon and Madge Schaefer, each received three votes, while others had one each, which seemed to make agreement simple for the PIA Committee.

A last minute move by Chair Victorino to add a current Council Member as a non voting member to the eleven was quickly squashed.



11/2/15  The nine members will reconvene at 1:30 PM 11/4/15 in Council Chambers, after listening to to twenty-three testifiers, most in approval, this morning. Your Association voiced support for establishing this special committee , with concerns for the number of members (looks to be eleven), the participants (each council/committee member will offer three potentials on Wednesday) and proposed length of their participation (so far agreed to six months).

The two offerings by Mikes, Victorino, PIA chair and White, Council Chair, were combined through compromise.

After a morning break after last testifier(about 10:45 AM) the committee deliberated until lunch at noon, then reconvened at 1:30 until 4:00 PM, deciding to fill spot vacated by an other committee, so they could continue expeditiously, this Wednesday . While there will be no more public testimony this week, this will ultimately go back to the full Council. SEE:  IMG_1866

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