10/26/16 This morning KCA offered testimony to the Public Works Commission on three proposals regarding setting a gross weight limit on vehicles on S. Kihei Rd (SKR) and speed limit proposed changes on this same thoroughfare, as well as others.

  • It has been some time since we testified here at the initial two meetings back in 2014, mostly because there seemed to be little relevant topics of importance to S Maui. But the topics today were a different story. (We offer mahalo to Councilman Couch who had alerted us to two of the three matters he was developing for the Council, and since the concerned Public Works matter, roads, we expected this commission would discuss them at some point)
  • We are in full support of the proposed 10 K weight limit for vehicles on SKR (with practical exemptions.) for a number of reasons, including hastening the deterioration of the road, pedestrian and cyclist safety and the size and character of the road. We have the Pi’ilani 4 lane highway to this use. Unfortunately the Commission said no
  • We also supported the proposed reduction from the current 30 to 20 MPH for Alanui Ke Ali’i. Again, the Commission said no.
  • The third matter, while identified as proposed speed limit reduction on SKR to 25 mph, the bill addressed a number of other South Maui roads in varying ways. For SKR, while we support a speed reduction, we believe the entire length should be set at 20 mph for a number or reasons concerning resident and visitor safety, but agreed to the proposed 25 MPH. Unfortunately the commission voted no to both

It should be noted that this volunteer commission simply advises the County Council, which is the County Legislature and makes the laws. The Council could choose to ignore this volunteer group’s input, especially as the proposals did originate with the Council.

So was this morning’s effort a complete waste of time and effort? Well while the commission was not concerned with other matters is the speed limit bill, we did advise that the document lists Keoekai Rd as set at 30 MPH, and it is apparent that all signage indicates it is clearly 20 MPH, so apparently the Department will investigate this apparent contradiction.

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