When we supported the short extension here (phase II) we had advocated moving further onto phase III, extending the bike path across the park to Welakahao. Going back to 5/7/15 see https://gokihei.org/environment/kca-again-proposes-a-safe-bike-path-in-kihei we organized a site visit to show how this could be done with relevant ease, the biggest challenge a reasonable manner across the gulch at Welakahao. and open up safe cycling connectivity to a large swath of South Kihei. We have had constant contact with the cooperative and supportive Public Works Department Director David Goode and his team. Recently he advised us how they are proceeding.

The department saw an example of a recently erected and almost completed pedestrian bridge in Kaua’i that is narrower that what will be needed for federal standards for a bike path, and with a shorter span (about 75′). In speaking with their Engineering staff, that bridge cost about $330K as it exists now.

DPW also had their design engineers break down the costs further, and the cost of a bike path bridge over the gulch will cost about $250K delivered to the West Coast, and there will be other costs to install the bridge, but the costs and the time saved not to process permits by installing similar culverts as MECO did for their driveway, appear to make the stand alone bike bridge over the gulch the best option. The bike bridge would be a permanent feature, and not replaced when Liloa is extended to Welakahao. Remember, we are doing the bike path before the road, bit insuring it will be permanent once built, to be in place once the road is constructed afterwards.

Their next step for the design team is to get the results of a traffic study that would determine what kind of an intersection at Liloa and Welakahao will likely be in the future, which would determine how the bike bridge would tie into it. KCA is pushing for a roundabout here. That study is expected to be completed in less than a year.

Thinking positively and progressively, we see the phase III opening in 2018.

8/1/16 : Staring at 3:00 PM a well organized festive event commenced with an assortment of oral presentation from County officials, Maui Bicycle League, Goodfellow Brothers, as well as your Community Association.

DPW Director David Goode and Deputy Director Rowena Dagdag Andaya, who monitored the event, briefly addressed a small gathering seated under a tent about this project and some future expansions, 8/1/16

Maui Bicycle League’s Sookie Kunst and Frank DeRego expressed MBL’s part in fostering safe bicycling across the island for ALL skill sets of cyclists. Additionally, MBL’s Anne Rillero hosted the Brio ice cream giveaway

Goodfellow Brothers representatives were acknowledged for their participation as builders, and also provided a large assortment of ono pupu (see below) for the participants. So Maui Resident Councilman Don Couch and Managing Director Kieth Regan spoke for the respective branches of County Government.

KCA President Mike Moran was pleased to be able to address the assembly to express our community’s perspective with support of two more KCA directors, as well as numerous KCA members attending.

The bike ride began at about 3:30 PM with all seven participants  (including two MPD bicycling officers) pedaling the entire 1.5 mile round trip which included four road crossings in each direction. Sadly no keiki were involved, as there were just two at event, & they were without bicycles

There are a number of aesthetic items still to be completed, including landscaping and drinking fountains. One somewhat controversial aspect is the path way will be irrigated with recycled R-1 fixtures, easily identified by their purple colored fixtures. There seems to be some need for clarification by the State Dept of Health (DOH) of how to safely use this product, especially with proximity to school children and public drinking fountains.

More details are available on the County’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/countyofmaui


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