UPDATE  3/22/16  SAD UPDATE FOR BICYCLISTS.  It has been almost a year since a large contingent of volunteers from KCA assembled at the makai edge of out Community Park’s entrance and welcomed Directors David Goode (DPW) and Kaala Buenconsejo (Parks) along with our resident Council member Don Couch, to pitch our idea to place the simple paved path across the park’s makai edge to connect a large community (via safe bicycling) into the park  to both schools, and  while connecting to the soon to be completed Kihei Green-way fronting the Lokalan’i middle school, and onto   extensive shopping all along the current greenway , and more .

During the “walk and talk” & in following communication, we understood that everyone was in favor of this, and the Department was working  on design studies after engineers had their own walk to examine the terrain. However as Director Goode explained in a communication of 3/16/15, this project is not only on hold, but could be years away. However there are possibly quicker actions.

So at this time our next action will be to determine the funding proposed by the administration in the FY 2017 budget, due to be offered to the Council this week. Then we’ll proceed with the Council as they modify the budget for finalization by June.  As always, stay tuned.




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UPDATE 5/7/15IMG_0812 IMG_0814 This afternoon KCA assembled with DPW Director David Goode, Councilman Don Couch and new Park’s Director Kaala Buenconsejo at the entrance to the Kihei Community Park (KCP) for a site visit/walk along the makai edge of park to examine KCA’s proposed asphalt bike path extending from Welakahao to the KCP entrance, which would ultimately connect to our extraordinary green way, extending a safe segregated bike ride to Waipuilani.

More than half of the KCA directors and a committee member joined the three officials as we walked and talked, addressing potential challenges as well as the numerous advantages of providing this simple feature for the benefit of the South Maui Community to this parkland. KCA is most appreciative of these officials and their staff for working with us, and coordinating this effort this afternoon.

As always we will keep you updated as this projects unfolds.



4/17/15 Running just from Waipuilani to Lipoa, most community members think the greenway makai Liloa is great, but too short. In the 2016 FY budget, is plan to have it continue one more block to the Community Park entrance, although mauka, fronting the Middle School. While we have testified in favor, we believe such a path should continue right across this park to Welakahao.

We presented a concept of this to DPW Director Goode and Councilmember Don Couch, and Director Goode has proposed a sight visit with KCA and Mr Couch, as well as the new Parks & Rec Director Kaala Buenconsejo next month.

We are very encouraged with the Director’s proactive proposal, and are anxiously awaiting confirmation. The following site photos provide a view of the area of consideration, but it is any easy walk to get a more personal experience .

Completion of such a project would open up a safe reasonable way for many in central Kihei to ride a bike to the park, the two schools, and on to the expanding shopping areas, reducing motor vehicles on S. Kihei road.

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