UPDATE 3/21/16  With one more week to go before reopening to somewhat restricted access, we once again commend the planing of scheduling this closure when schools are in spring recess to lessen the impactIMG_2979 IMG_2980





UPDATE 3/12/16   If you have traversed this area during construction or just viewed the pictures below, you see the Liloa Dr.has remained open, most often for two way traffic, and short periods of alternate one way. NOT NOW! Projected to commence at 7:00 AM Wednesday 3/16/16 through 5:30 PM on Monday, 3/28/16, this roadway will be closed between Lipoa St and  Halekuai St.. Plan ahead; if you are going to the Park, use Halekuai from SKR. For more info, call 879-8868

No wonder the announced cost is “high.”       

 3/4/16  Last year when it was announced that the next small (basically 1 block) segment extending the Kihei greenway along Liloa to the park was to be constructed in 2016, as it is now, we heard much grumbling about the cost. Now that we see what the project entails, it makes more fiscal sense.

Using thoughtful planning, which sometimes seems lacking, before building the safe path fronting Lokelani Middle School along Liloa to extend the current greenway from the present terminus at Lipoa to the new park, and improving the road with curb and gutters, the aged sewer lines along both sides of Liloa are being replaced, a segment of the current water line is as well, and underground electrical lines installed. All this will be completed before the bicycle path is installed. Mo betta then installing the path, then a short time later tearing it up for underground utility work. The entire project is schedule to be completed by this summer.SEE: https://gokihei.org/environment/bike-path-construction-along-liloa-to-commence-this-month


Meanwhile, KCA is working with the County to have this bike path continue completely across the park to Welakahao. This extension would be just a simple asphalt path across County owned, mostly flat land, professionally placed so it would fit along side the NSCR whenever that is to be built, so incurring no added expense at that time. This extenuation would open up a safe way to bike to school for an addition sector of families south of the park to both area schools and beyond via the present greenway.

SEE: https://gokihei.org/environment/kca-again-proposes-a-safe-bike-path-in-kihei



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