Doctor Amanda Cording, creator of this plan

11/25/21  #kihei


Robin Knox

Robin Knox

As you may be aware we have been trying for about a year to have Maui County Department of Public Works (DPW) release this document, a science-based and environmentally friendly alternative to the South Maui Drainage Plan. It was commissioned by the county and completed in September 2020, and it took legal action by Environmental Scientist Robin Knox (who was a presenter at our November public meeting) to induce the administration to release it this month.  Our organization and the community owe a debt of gratitude to Robin for this achievement.

Kihei EAA Report_DRAFT_11.22.21



On January 18, 2022, at 6:30 pm, Robin will be at our public meeting, joined by the creator of this plan, Dr. Amanda Cording.

We  addressed the history of the drainage plan last month on this website.  SEE:

We still are not aware why the DPW refused to release the plan until they were forced to do so, but now the process can move forward and maybe we can have positive drainage controls ultimately put into place.

2021-11-22 Knox NTR


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