11/25/21 #kihei







Right after we posted the comprehensive report “Roundabouts Are Good For Climate” on this site, we learn that the state has ordered a stop to construction of the roundabout on Pi’ilani Hwy at Kulanihakoi just before it is to begin. After over a year of hearing Deputy Director for Highways Ed Sniffen expound the outstanding value of a roundabout and that this first two-lane one would be completed in July 2022 (even though commencement in Oct. was delayed to Nov. and then maybe to Dec.), we learn now that it is on indefinite hold.







We are trying to get information as to why and what the plan is going forward, as without factual data we are left to speculate. Apparently the decision was reached before Nov. 17, but since then we have not been able to determine any more information. So we decided it was best to inform the community of this change now and then offer updates as we learn more.