UPDATE 2/17/18  Postponed now until WED 2/21. The measure , now SB3095 SD1 was weakened when approved on 2/14. Our new testimony  asks that the community alerts are  reinstated. What does yours say?

UPDATE 2/16/18 THE BILL WILL BE AT THE NEXT SENATE JOINT COMMITTEE, .EDU/WAM, ON TUESDAY 2/20 AT 10:00 AM. You can submit testimony online at    https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/measure_indiv.aspx?billtype=SB&billnumber=3095&year=2018 

2/14/18 #kihei
We are not sure when KCA last testified in person at the state legislature, if ever. Every session we do submit testimony on a number of bills digitally via the legislature website, but on Monday we went before a joint Senate committee to offer our community concern to the AEN/CPH joint committee in support of SB3095, buffer zones around some schools from AG pesticide sprays . There were several guys from Maui and other “neighbor” islands, including our Councilor Kelly King, each offering our manao. It was a very minimal ask for a pilot project to protect five schools state wide, so just a single Maui Island school. The joint committee was composed of six senators, including our own Roz Baker. While no decision was made on Monday as they lost quorum, they did reconvene today and unanimously approved the measure to move it forward.

While that was a “win” it is still is very far from becoming law, as the vast majority of bills fail by end of session. As always, stay tuned.



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