2 members excused, 2 silent the entire meeting – unusual yet plenty of discussion on plastic bag reduction but no resolution at the IEM Committee this afternoon

5/15/17 #kihei We were one of only two public testifiers and while we were in support, the first testifier representing Pukalani Superette was not opposed, but had some concerns. He mentioned check out clerks were at times handling customer furnished cloth bags with apprehension, because they did not appear clean. While we can understand that, the fact that they continuously handle cash, almost always notoriously full of germs, a cloth bag not freshly washed seemed a manini concern.

While we were in support, as laymen we shared some of the caution about verbiage in the revised bill, and fully understand why more revision will take place before it is brought back to committee. Yet we see the need for continuing with progressive incremental steps to protect our natural environment to benefit the kai and ‘aina.

We reminded the committee that the county distributed thousands of these cloth type bags (made from recycled plastic bottles) several years ago, and we still use ours. We advised how they were brought to a KCA public meeting and handed out with a presentation. Do you still have yours?