UPDATE 5/6/17  Wow– very impressive! You guys ask one day, we have answers the next day

WHEN ?  May 18, 2017   WHAT TIME?  9:30 AM (we were very close) WHERE? MACC it is, so far,at the Higashi Meeting Room   So now you know. Are you going? Will you voice your opinion? We say yes to both. What do YOU say?


UPDATE:  5/5/17 When is the LUC meeting? What Time? Where will it be help? How long  will it take?  These and more are questions we have had about this post since 4/21. We can offer a guesstimate  of May 18 at 10:00 possible at the MACC., but the LUC has not posted any agenda yet. Agenda is usually seven days before meeting, so assuming (That dangerous word) our guess is correct, that would be this Thursday. Once we know, you will see it . An assumed guesstimate? Is that like fake news???

4/21/17 #kihei With an expected State Land Use Commission (LUC) meeting less than a month away (stay tuned), your Association’s volunteer directors gladly accepted an invitation from the owner’s representative Charles Jencks to sit around our office table to hear their latest update on the proposed massive project mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway at Kaonoulu in North Kihei (the Pi’ilani Promenade, sometimes called the MegaMall). When the meeting was scheduled it was our understanding that Mr Jencks would be joined by Bob Poynor of Sarofim Reality Advisors of Dallas Texas (owner- developer) who apparently purchased the property several years ago with the intent to build the purported largest shopping mall on Maui; he did not participate at this meeting.

Chris Hart & Partners Firm participated with Jordan Hart and Brett Davis. Brett emailed us the Piilani Promenade_Pre-Final FEIS.pdf  late Thursday afternoon, but there was no way to even begin to examine it before the meeting; we will be doing so in preparation for the upcoming LUC hearing.

The Final EIS is expected to be delivered to the State LUC by 4/26/17 and be publicly available on the Office of Environmental Quality Control website http://oeqc.doh.hawaii.gov/default.aspx.

KCA took the initiative to offer an alternative proposal (SEE proposed conceptual designs included below) which would be predominately a mix of various residential structures, since we believe our community is in dire need of our more housing, not more commercial space. Even if we did not see professional reports showing a vast number of commercial vacancies in our community, anyone living here is very well aware of this from experience.

Conversely, for years there has been a clamor for more housing for our residents, especially affordable rentals. While we appreciate the developers have moved from all commercial to mostly commercial with a rental segment, we believe it is mo betta’ to go for a mostly residential project with a small commercial light industrial segment.

We appreciate that they have agreed to consider our proposal and look forward to a future favorable response.

KCA proposal for land use

KCA proposal for mostly residential project

KCA proposal for street view

KCA proposal for other street view