5/31/21 #kihei
Last Friday morning we welcomed the cheerful virtual presence of Rowena Dagdag-Andaya, Director of Dept. of Public Works (DPW). We had offered her an extensive list of specific questions and topics for discussion which she addressed. In addition she advised she will follow up with more answers and information. We certainly appreciate her agreement to meet with us as she has previously, but this was the first on-line one, which has become a familiar medium for most of us during the pandemic.

As we expressed distress that commencement of the next segment of the North South Collector Road (NSCR)  between Waipuilani and Kulanihakoi was pushed back first 2 years then to 2026,  Rowena advised that the department is looking at possible ways to reverse that delay.

She also confirmed that S. Kihei Rd. (SKR) between Lipoa and Waimahaihai (library and Fire Dept) was set for pavement improvement this year. This will include improving  the SW corner of Lipoa & SKR (in front of the church) with a sidewalk, bike lane and marked bus stop.

DPW Director Rowena Dagdag-Andaya

Segment of NSCR by 2030?

Other matters discussed were drainage and complete streets in our district.