If we start with the basic question, how many cats are there on the Island, for years the answers went from ridiculous to absurd in number, as truth is no one knew. But most agree too many. Then the “solution” was to trap cats and kill them ad infinitum, and we see how well that recurring “solution” worked. It did not!

Finally a science based examination of the feline situation is coming to fruition, and the live revelation takes place here in Kihei. This Tuesday, 10/14/14 at 6:00 PM at the Community Center, a public meeting organized by the national Humane Society of the U S, (HSUS) and the Maui Humane Society (MHS), and featuring several members of the Maui County Animal Coalition (MCAC) will welcome presentations by Doctors John Boone and John Hadidian of HSUS, revealing the initial scientific findings of cat population research conducted at Kanaha Park and Iao Valley and discuss next steps on how best to humanely and effectively reduce free roaming cat populations, as well as how the public can be part of the solution.This is not a KCA related event, but posted as a public service to the community by KCA.  (NOTE; If you are interested in adopting this sister and brother golden eyed orange kitties together, let us know) In some ways , this can be described as a follow up meeting to one from 13 months ago. See : https://gokihei.org/environment/what-do-cats-and-chickens-have-in-common-and-why-is-this-a-concern . 

Dr John Hadidian, HSUSDr John Boone, HSUSIMG_8997