#kihei 5/23/17 Are you aware that all the money collected for Maui Police Department’s citations (tickets) goes to Oahu? Do you know the transit accommodation tax (TAT) paid by anyone staying at our Maui hotels and resorts also goes to Oahu and a small portion ( a lot less than is sent there) is returned to Maui? Does that often mischaracterized “sales tax”, really a state excise tax – that 4.1666% you pay on everything – benefit the needs of your neighborhood? Does South Maui get a fair return on the federal taxes our residents pay? So how about this; as a land owner in South Maui, would you be willing to pay say maybe $100 a year if all the money went to improve a specific facet of transportation only in our district? For example improved bus service; or sidewalk construction; or a dedicated bike lane; or traffic calming devices; or road paving?

How about a different issue: flooding? What if the money could only be spent to build detention and retention basins around gulches mauka of the highway just in our sector? The cost of safe-guarding Kihei from future flooding is beyond what can come out of the County’s general fund, according to Department of Public Works chief David Goode.

If you are saying yes or even maybe, should it be a flat $100 per year for each piece of land by TMK, or a sliding scale based on assessed value? Would the use of the land have some effect? Vacant lot (yes, there are a few) same as an owner occupied house, same as a rented home, etc?

This is just an initial proposed concept in an effort to start a conversation, so your comments are encouraged. We feel there is a need for a different approach since what we are doing is not working to the satisfaction of our community. Mahalo.