5/31/17 UPDATE  Bad News. A soon to be released study of these birds on  Kauai shows a massive decrease in number over past two decades. See article on Maui NOW.  http://mauinow.com/2017/05/31/study-endangered-kauai-seabirds-alarming-decline/ 


5/18/17 #kihei  Light pollution; we all see it in our community, obviously worse in our urban areas. It is mostly just an annoyance for humans but it can be deadly for creatures like honu and seabirds.  We can’t enjoy the night sky, can’t see the Milky Way, we see only a small percentage of the stars unless we go to another part of the island. A seabird that navigates by moon and stars can’t find its way  because of all the unnecessary lights and can perish. Oh but there is no easy way to rectify, right? What, guys on Big Island smarter than us Maui guys? How come they can do it?

This evening’s “Sea Talk” at the Maui Ocean Center (MOC), featured Emily Severson for the seabird recovery project (SEE  http://www.mauinuiseabirds.org/). 572-3500  Get involved. Save an endangered seabird.