KCA addresses Council on issues specific to our region

11/18/17 #kihei
Yesterday In chambers, at the meeting of the Council, seven members participated with two excused. Probably the two largest issues of concern were the sand mining moratorium, which was again deferred and the filing of bill 67, which seems to spell the end of the Makila Kai development at Launiupoko.

While we see these are island wide concerns, our charge is South Maui District, so we testified on four matters in our area.

Supporting 17-443: a budget amendment which included $1.25M for the Kulanihakoi river bridge. While of course we want the money, we did question the plan for another temporary and then a final box culvert, which ultimately will have to be replaced with an elevated bridge. Why not save all the time, effort and expense & just build the bridge now?

Supporting 17-446: “Use of vehicles for human habitation,” a humane positive action to establish a safe overnight haven for families forced to live In their vehicles in Kihei.

Supporting 17-449: a change in zoning for Southpoint Condos on Kenolio from hotel to apartment, as this seems appropriate. If you know the facility, you know it is nothing like a hotel, and Short Term Rentals are prohibited by the CC&R’s.

Last was 17-162: the grant restricted to alternative transportation matters on Maui for a total of $150k. We were requesting design money for a sidewalk segment along South Kihei Road in North Kihei, but Public Works advises the fund is not for design expenses. But we’ll continue to try.

While the two larger issues were well covered in the Maui News, the KCA website is the place to be for awareness for our region