As an all volunteer unfunded non-profit, how can we get the word out to the community?

11/20/17 #kihei
“I did know not about the meeting. No one told us about this, and now they say we are too late. How did this happen?” Unfortunately, we hear these comments too frequently. We use every reasonable available channel to inform our community about our meeting and countless other meetings and hearings, but sometimes nothing seems to work

Depending on the specific day and numerous variables, some guys just seem to miss the website, Facebook page, twice monthly newsletter, road signage, press releases in various media and even coconut wireless.

It is not reasonable to spend membership money on paid advertising, so what can volunteer organizations like ours do?

Nicole Fisher, Director of Social Marketing at Akaku, Maui Community Media opened the Alliance of Maui Community Associations (Alliance) meeting yesterday evening with the organizations represented there at Kaunoa. She further advised to expect major changes at Akaku in 2018, in part because of changes in the funding process, currently provided by fees changed to cable TV customers.

She was followed by Michael Tengan introducing a statewide “time banking” plan named ALOHA Exchange, to try to establish a way to share needed tasks and services by interested residents in a modified barter system. Mr Tengan also advised he intends to be a candidate for the upcountry State Senate seat on 2018.

The next Alliance meeting is set for January 20, 2018.