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Whatever happened to KCA past President Jon Miller?

Most So Maui guys remember the vivacious well spoken  handsome young man who for years led KCA earlier in this century , but we do not see much of him recently and now we see at least part of the reason. Jon (not John) has jumped forefront into the media by being named County “Young […]

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This Day Has FINALLY come for Kihei

1/11/16  As previously reported, see the ground at the DOE’s Kihei High School site was broken by the usual team of dignitaries at a barren site midway between Kulanhakoi and Kaonoulu. The meeting was run by the very personable Dann Carlson, Assistant Superintendent, and participants included Governor David Ige, his lieutenant, out state legislators […]

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Akaku CH 55 7:00 PM 9/1/15  Crossroads with Lucienne de Naie examines History of KCA While everyone knows about the KCA 55th anniversary party meeting on Sunday 9/13/15 at 4:30 PM, her’s a great way to “warm up” for the event. Graciously  Maui historian (and SO much more) Lucienne is dedicating  her complete one hour […]

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KCA Viewpoint in Maui News

Maui Lu redevelopment provides chance for forward-looking planning in South Maui Viewpoint February 24, 2015 By MIKE MORAN , The Maui News Save | Comments (1) | Post a comment |             It seems apparent that most people agree Kihei was poorly planned or perhaps just unplanned. Any professional we […]

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Kihei’s “Holiday” Whale

UPDATE 12/25/14    Now almost two years later with no fanfare, we see the Whale s “lei’d” again for the season, still protected by the accredited fencing. Our area seems filled with individuals and organizations, some accredited, some not, working to make South Maui a better place to live.                 […]

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Maui News Viewpoint on December 2, 2014

  Changes needed to make South Maui a walkable and bikeable community VIEWPOINT December 2, 2014 The Maui News Save | Post a comment |             As far as I can determine, the initial concept of the north-south collector road across Kihei was first proposed over 30 years ago when […]

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Maui News Editorializes on Kihei High School and DOE

Following the front page article on our September 16 community meeting yesterday (9/17/14),see below,  today (9/18/14) the publisher offered his opinion of the situation. Opening of high school in Kihei now put at 2020 DOE says it can only access $30 million of $130 million allotted September 17, 2014 By EILEEN CHAO – Staff Writer […]

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Now this IS an Update on Pi’ilani Promenade

UPDATING THE UPDATE  7/16/14  The State Land Use Commission (LUC) has now posted the DEIS for Kaonoulu for the proposed Pi’ilani Promenade . SEE Upon digesting the lengthy document, your Association found it severely lacking in many areas, and immediately so advised the State Office of Environment Quality in the following missive:       […]

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Open public meeting (un?) announced on Pi’ilani Commerical projects in No. Kihei

UPDATE: 8/22/13  KCA was advised today that Sarofim has not scheduled a public meeting for this month. We have no information concerning the conflict with public media reports earlier this month that there would be. The KCA BOD will likely have another meeting with Sarofim in September. Reports today  on    ,     states in […]

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Administration reverts from one way back to two ways on SKR

According to the article in  this morning’s (7/27/13) Maui News, after announcing on 7/23/13 that a short segment of South Kihei Road (SKR) would run only northbound, due to the weakened  century old box culvert crossing near the Whale Sanctuary and Ka’ono’ulu until major construction could be achieved, we are very pleased that the county administration has found a […]

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