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Re-cap of 1/18/11 Community Meeting

Overcoming some “opening night” glitches at the new digs at Kihei Charter School using the just completed (moments before the meeting began) set, President Jon Miller welcomed County Directors Will Spence (Planning) and David Goode (Public Works,) for a lively discussion concerning the recent storm related  damages and challenges, as well as the ongoing questions of lack of long term planning and specifically lack of bicycle and walking facilities in South Maui. To gather community input of concerns, the open mic was then  made available to the audience to question the two new directors. See next week’s Maui Weekly for a professional detailed report on the meeting. The Feb 15 meeting will feature County representatives from the Parks; Recreation and Environmental Management Departments. Please remember donations for our Food Bank.  ...

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KCA works with KCS students on dune restoration at Kalepolepo Park

As South Kihei Rd. begins the journey southbound commencing at intersection of No Kihei Rd following the Maui coastline, after passing the high-rise condos on the makai side, we observe the Kihei Canoe Club’s hale leading to the start of Mai Poina ‘Oe la’u Beach Park aka Veterans Park extending about a mile. The park and pavilion are dedicated to Korean War Veterans of Maui, and the hau tress planted there in memory of the individuals who gave their lives in that effort, As we pass the single Maui Lu resort building on the makai side, the beach park is now Kaleoplepo, a 1.5 acre county park, dissected by the HIHWNMS (Federal Whale Sanctuary), and features a ancient fish pond being refurbished. The Sanctuary’s newest building nearest the road on the north side of their property is being threatened by the  formation of sand dune , as mother nature is reclaiming additional territory. Presently a dedicated group has begun a balancing act. On 1/7/11, students from the Kihei Charter Middle School were on hand to start moving some of the sand that accumulated this last summer at this site overlooking the Whale Sanctuary conference center.  The sand dune threatens to overtake the building if something is not done. After the dune is leveled by hand, which is required, the group, with the cooperation of the KCA, will be requesting a permit to install sand fencing to...

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“Community Work Day Program Receives a Grant from Boeing Charitable Foundation for Restoration of the L?‘ie Wetland ”

PU’UNENE, MAUI, December 30th, 2010 – Community Work Day Program (CWD) received a $5,000 grant from Boeing Charitable Foundation to assist with restoration of the L?‘ie Wetland in Kihei.  The Boeing Corporation has been an ongoing sponsor of CWD’s efforts through additional grant funding and regularly scheduled work days in the wetland.  Scott Ibara, Community Investor with Boeing has been mobilizing volunteer groups from the Maui Research and Technology Center since the beginning of the restoration.  “We decided to support this project specifically in this area because Boeing has a presence here,” said Ibara, adding “this area is someplace I want to enjoy for years to come.” L?‘ie is one of the last remaining undeveloped wetlands on the island of Maui.  The 1.5 acre parcel is owned by the State and managed by the County for use as a flood control area.  CWD’s cleanup and restoration is a two-year project that includes litter and invasive plant removal, native planting, and water quality testing.  Native plants are the best filters for toxins and sediment from the upper parts of the watershed.  A functioning wetland cleans waters entering the near-shore marine environment, protecting coral reefs and ecosystems.  Regular water quality testing will show improvement in the health of the water as native plants replace invasive species. The L?‘ie Wetland Restoration Project was initially made possible through a grant with the Hawai‘i...

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Recap of Nov 16 Community Meeting on R & T Park

Meeting at the R & T Park site, about sixty community members unanimously voted in the 2011 KCA BOD, a presentation on the Master Plan Update of the Research and Technology Park Development was offered by Steve Perkins, Mike Summers and Peter Calthorpe. A lively Q & A session followed, before President Jon Miller closed the meeting, announcing the first meeting for the new year on 1/18/11 at our new permanent home at the Kihei Charter Middle School. See the Projects Planning Committee Page With Associated Documents Please see a professional report from the Maui Weekly Below: Work Continues on Tech Park Master Plan Community receives briefing of South Maui project. “…not all development is bad—different kinds of growth will work here.” Trisha Smith, Maui Weekly Although one of the most sophisticated business and scientific vocation locales on the island, the Maui Research & Technology Park (MRTP) in Kihei remains a mystery to many since its initial development nearly two decades ago. Home to the Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and aerospace and computer research experts such as Boeing and the Maui High Performance Computing Center, MRTP companies work in an array of sectors, including optics, directed energy, data fusion, space surveillance, situational awareness and software development. Yet unless you’re a tech park employee attending a specific event or heading to Elleair Golf Course, there aren’t many reasons to make...

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10/19/10 Community Meeting Recap on election forum

In spite of the fact that several incumbent candiates were prohibited from participating, due to  the County Council’s extremely extended session continuing on until our meeting ended, an enthusiastic group of members actively participated in quizzing  fifteen candidates to facilitate making decisions in the November 2 election. Mahalo to the candidates who participated, to those who were hard at work in the Council Session and thus could not, and our volunteers who moderated the groups and facilitaed the meeting. See next week’s (10/28/10) Maui Weekly for a professional report on this meeting. The final (none in December) KCA meeting is Nov 16 at the Kihei Charter Middle School on Lipoa, featuring election of the 2011 Board of...

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Next Community Meeting

November 20, 2018

6:30 To 8:00 at Saint Theresa Church at 25 West Lipoa Street.


This month’s theme is education. Department of Education Complex Area Superintendent Kathleen Dimono will give a brief presentation and solicit the community’s opinions on schools in our area. We will also hear what is happening with the new High School and with the new Kihei Charter School building.


And if that is not enough, we will also be presenting the KCA Wiliwili Award to a long-time defender of things that matter to all of us – the ʻāina, kai, and ʻohana.


Membership not required but encouraged, as are donations for Food Bank.

What’s Up


Check out Dick Mayer's presentation on development planned for South Maui.

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