UPDATE 11/7/14    Sometimes you can make a difference. At this forum, a question was posed to the Mayoral candidates:

Maui seems to be the only county not participating in this hazmat control action.. What plan will you institute for Maui in 2015 to have a hazardous waste disposal method for individuals?.  Left over pesticides, fertilizers, sprays, etc. cannot safely be disposed of here, as the department’s advice is to absorb the liquids & deliver them to the land fill..Is this the best we can do with this hazmat? What is your plan for a hazardous waste disposal for individuals?  

When KCA followed up on this matter with the Arakawa administration after their reelection, we were advised, “ They wrote and posted a Request For Proposals to contract with someone to carry out the H&HW collection and disposal, in conjunction with the County. It is currently posted on the County website, and proposals are due Dec. 11th. Once a contractor is selected, it is expected that a collection event will be held in the first quarter of 2015.”    How about that; the community asked & the Administration answered with a positive action! Mahalo mayor.

10/22/14 Your Association’s General Membership meeting last evening (10/21/14) welcomed over 100 members & guests for a candidate forum with mayor Alan Arakawa & challenger Ocean Safety Officer Tamara Paltin; S. Maui council-member Don Couch and challenge UHMC College Professor Jon “Fitz” Fitzpatrick; and Kahului Council-member Don Guzman and former (termed out) Council-member Joe Pontinella.

Each candidate answered a series of questions compiled from those submitted by a variety of KCA members before & during the meeting on numerous topics ranging from their vision of Kihei in 2035, the North South Collector and mauka Pi’ilani by-pass transits across South Maui, spending for economic development and environmental issues.

November 18 is our last meeting of the year, & the topic is electric smart meter programs, and will include election of the 2015 KCA BOD.

Look for a professional report, and next week’s Maui Weekly as well as a video on Akaku, Maui Community TV on the election forum