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A power point presentation prepared by Chris Hart and Partners (CHP) for a public community meeting at the Community Center last evening (11/6/14) for this Kenolio Apartments proposed project. As it commenced, the three presenters were almost constantly peppered with interjected questions from a small but very vocal group of concerned neighbor residents mostly makai of the area.

Their concerns varied from overflow parking and increased vehicular traffic, property values, disturbed view plains, aesthetic appeal, potential flooding effects and more. The CHP trio did their best to answer their questions and concerns, while proceeding with their presentation. The situation continued when Maui resident Rico Brazil, the ownership representative, spoke, as a high level of emotion persisted.

You association had two directors present, and along with County Councilman Don Couch, seemingly were only ones present, beyond the presenters and their team, that did not live in the very immediate neighborhood.

CHP advised they will provide us with the comments made, and once we received, we will post on this website.

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10/27/14  Your Association’s Design Review Committee (DRC) reviewed and scored this project (see https://gokihei.org/environment/kca-drc-scores-the-kenolio-apartment-project ) last month. Now there will be a public meeting at KCC next month presented jointly by the mainland land owner and the local planning company. We encourage interested members of the community to attend.