Who knows the “outcome” of the Planning Commission on PC-21??

Tuesday morning meeting left many with more questions than answers   What a long strange day is was. For those in attendance at the Maui County Planning Commission (PC) meeting yesterday (11/24/15), it was a long day getting to the KCA concern, the Communication by Director Spence on PC-21 a proposed bill from Don Couch’s […]

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Pouring Rain Could Not Halt the Celebratory Opening of Liloa Friday

Numbers were small but a runner, bicycler and several walkers did it, and others joined shortly afterwards We knew it was going to be tough, with the unavoidable short notice and a late morning weekday start, and then the rains came, but in spite of this, KCA had three board members participating in the opening […]

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UPDATE  11/20/15 Decision on next step  was made on this Friday morning. Matter referred to Budget Committee. 11/15/15 At this Friday’s County Council meeting (11/20/15), 9:00 AM in Council Chambers. According to the Agenda, there is Communication 15-283, relating to a surcharge on the State’s GET, which comes from the mayor. This possibly was […]

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Final Alliance Meeting for 2015 draws Community Associations

With a decision to skip December for all the usual reasons, the group closed out the year with a discussion of Land Use Laws on both County and State levels. With representation from Community Associations of Haiku, Kihei, Kula, Makawao and Waiehu. as well as Maui Meadows Homeowners Association, guest Albert Perez of Maui Tomorrow […]

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RIDE FOR KARL; RIDE FOR JUSTICE with the Maui Bicycle League

Friday, December 4, 2015 at 7:30 AM, Maalaea to Courthouse in Wailuku   Most times participating in a organized group bicycle ride is a pleasant joyful event of like-minded cyclists whether ohana or guys you never met, often to benefit some worthy cause . While the purpose of this one next Friday is certainly for […]

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How does Sunday Morning Football relate to the Kihei Community Association?

What do you think of when you hear someone say Sunday Morning Football? Ohana gathering around a big screen at your house? A group of friends and fans heading to one of the countless bars for breakfast or brunch and drinks and so many TV’s, every game is available? Not much KCA there? Well, how […]

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Meeting recap for 11/17/15

We think it is reasonable to say we went out of 2015 with a bang, last evening (11/17/15). After the general membership voted in a slate of twelve directors taking effect in January for the new year, opening guest County Council Chair Mike White addressed the assembly of about seventy on a variety of issues […]

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Do you shop at S Maui’s Farmers’ Markets?

As the topic of “buy local” persists , do you participate? There are numerous reasons to do so nutritionally, economically, socially and more. Our community has a variety of so called farmers’ markets, some in the purest sense having consumers purchasing face to face with those who grow the product. Others work more in a […]

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What is in a name? When is PC-21 NOT PC- Tuesday, at the Commission.

Tuesday (11/24/15) at 9:00 AM in the Planning Commission in Office downstairs Agenda:    See  D. Communications A great portion of the active south Maui community are very strong believers in the Kihei-Makena Community Plan (KMCP) and when “our” Councilman proposed a bill in his Council’s Planning Committee, identified as PC-21 (simply the 21’st item […]

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Nani Loa project continues going forward in South Kihei.

While the Commissioners were divided on offering a “finding of no significant impact,” (FONSI) on the filed “Environmental Assessment,” for this South Kïhei Condo-hotel project, ultimately in passed with a vote of approval. This has been the continuous pattern to date- see , and for some history Maui News has a professional […]

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The cavernous Kihei Community Center was the setting for South Maui’s turn to hear an update from the County’s Department of Transportation (DOT) under the Direction of JoAnn Johnson Winer. At the announced start of 6:00 PM we observed barely a dozen attendees, but those participating were very active & concerned While much of the […]

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KCA appreciatively accepted an invitation to attend this meeting, and had attended a initial one almost a year ago ( SEE While we were unable to stay for the entire meeting we did observe most of two presentations offered after the opening introduction and pule. The first was an update of the Wailea 670 […]

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The good, the bad, and the ugly

Hanson Road Reopens Saturday Morning with a “No Motor Vehicles” (NMV) bicycle/ run event  (11/7/15) THE GOOD—The bicyclists overwhelmed the runners in sheer numbers, but not necessarily in enthusiasm. Well over 100 cyclists, kekei to kapuna, pedaled off a few minutes past 9:00 AM including two Council members &, assorted administrators, on a wide variety […]

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