UPDATE  7/6/15  Newspaper poll on cane burning  UPDATE 7/2/15     The Maui News caught up with KCA this morning with a front page professionally  written article on this topic.. The article contained first mention we have seen in our local newspaper concerning the Kihei meeting this past Tuesday.  See . In the article the […]

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FACEBOOK revitalized by KCA NOW!

The following in a overhear conversion (simcon*) recently at Kamaole Park III in Kihei. My friend told me I should check out this KCA, what’s it, Kihei Community Association?, so I went Facebook an it is way out of date. Whoa, you better check it out again, dude; they are all over it NO way […]

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Mary, Mike, Jeanne, Adele,Patricia, Emily, Pat, Daniel and Linda

Unfortunate news for our Community

We have learned that while she will remain with MPD, our very well appreciated & respected Community Police Officer Emily Kibby will no longer fill that duty. She has served us for a few years in that position, and was joined just over a year ago by a fellow officer, John Akana. As officer Akana […]

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UPDATE 7/1/15 Once again more delays, with yet another hearing scheduled tomorrow 7/2/15 at 9:00 AM. UPDATE 6/15/15 Back in court at 8:30 this morning for the latest update, which was a bit disappointing, since is yet another postponement until July 1 at 8:00 AM. This  is described as a “change of plea hearing” as opposed […]

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September 13 General Membership meeting is a PARTY!

UPDATE   6/30/15 HEY!  Where the heck is this party being held? KCA:  Well if you were one of the fortunate guys who were present about 1 1/2 years ago at the oceanfront Kihei Veterans of Foreign Wars Facility (VFW), that’s the place.  SEE Since we had an overwhelming positive response to that one, we are […]

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WOW! Talk about Drawing a Large Crowd

Several hundred show up for “Cane Burning; You have a right to Clear Air.”. The community center big room was choke, the parking lot overflowing and after waiting about 15 minutes to commence, still having guys pouring in, Terez Amato kicked of the meeting, wisely deciding there was no point in any more delay.   […]

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MECO Advises, “Be Prepared.” Are you?

Are you prepared when the power goes out? MECO has prepared two “fliers” that offers practical advice for when that occurs- See below.   They also have a very credible handbook offered free to you to down load at   You know a large segment of the July 21 KCA General Membership meeting is […]

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LARGE turnout at Council’s Planning Committee

Thursday morning meeting (6/18/15) stirs strong feeling about County’s Community and General Plans and effect of land zoning ordinances on them. Your Association had four directors present and testifying among the nearly forty testifiers, at an unusual meeting. Some out of the “out of the ordinary” aspects were there seemed little community awareness of the […]

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UPDATE  6/25/15   Now that the raingarden is installed and functioning, the Pono Project is looking for stewards to sign up to volunteer  to check on the welfare for a month. Is your ohana, organization, business or any other concerned group willing to take this on? To sign up, go to http//  or contact     […]

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KCA testifies at Council’s LUC on R & T Park

                                This Wednesday afternoon, (6/17/15) we submitted testimony to Chair Bob Carroll and his Land Use Committee on what probably is Kihei’s largest project, the long established Research and Technology Park(R&T) located mauka on the Pi’ilani Hwy on Lipoa. At […]

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Alliance of Maui Community Association Meeting Last Evening Completes Three Years of Service

Alliance of Maui Community Association Meeting Last Evening (6/15/15)  Completes Three Years of Service Two topics of County Wide Concern discussed, the future fate of Maui Memorial Memorial Hospital and the overwhelming challenges of homeless to our island With two items of strong interest to our entire county community, we expected a full house, but […]

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Public Meeting on Cane Smoke at KCC TONIGHT Thursday, 6:30!!

KCA is often asked why we do not devote a public general membership meeting to the issue of cane smoke. We have made numerous attempts to bring the pertinent entities for a forum to no avail. Last year, H C & S did have a public meeting scheduled on the third Tuesday evening of the […]

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Keokea Gulch becoming a popular KCA destination site

UPDATE (6/10/15) This is an interactive website meaning communication goes both ways, so while we decimate information, you always have the ability to comment on any post. At times guys communicate outside the site’s public format, and call or email directly, as was case here. We have been advised that the area which we were […]

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