Be Ready for Traffic Delays in Wailea This Week (4/27/15)

There are basically only two ways to drive in or out of Wailea to the rest of of Maui Island, via Wailea Alanui Dr to reach SKR or Wailea Ike Drive hooking to the Pi’ilani Hwy.. Beginning Monday (4/28/15) at 8:00 AM, both roads are subject to closures and detours, as Maui Master Builders under […]

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MMMC Meeting this Tuesday Evening

The Puu Kukui Elementary School 3700 Kehalani Mauka Parkway in Wailuku is the location of a meeting offered by the Maui region of the Hawaii Health System Corp. While this is all obviously outside of our area of south Maui, as Maui Memorial is THE hospital on Maui (no disrespect to Kula Hospital) the situation […]

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Coming to a Foodland near you? DETAILS Tuesday evening, Apr. 28, 2015

  UPDATE (4/20/15) A public “open house” for the community with information about the Kihei Foodland Supermarket proposed addition of a gas station on SKR has been announced by their agent, Munekiyo Hiraga, and KCA appreciates them sharing the information with us to help alert the So Maui Community. As you see in the announcement, […]

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Two KCA Directors testify at Planning Commission- we’ll be back on 4/28/15 too!

On Tuesday morning (4/14/15) KCA expressed continuing community support for the inclusion of sidewalks at the intersection of Ohukai and the Pi’ilani Hwy, which is presently being refurbished by HDOT in North Kihei . (See and ) The major focus of the meeting was the “Orientation Workshop,” explaining the planning process, the divisions […]

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Malia Chow, Ph D


NOAA proposes expanding focus, boundaries of Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Meeting at Kihei Youth Center April 29 at 5:30 PM   Agency asks for public comments through June 19 Following extensive collaboration with partners including non-governmental organizations, businesses, scientists, and other members of the community, NOAA today has announced its proposed rule […]

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Butts to Budgets to Ag Rates, Alliance shows variety

The Alliance of Maui Community Associations (Alliance) meeting on Monday evening (4/20/15) with two KCA directors participating, included a half dozen other Community Association Directors discussing three varied issues. The introductory short presentation was offered by Sonya Niess of the Hawaii Public Health Institute who explained what the non profit does, but concentrated on […]

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What do you do with your hazmat???

For decades Maui residents wondered how best to dispose of hazardous material residue around their homes. While other counties had plans in place, Maui seemed to be lacking. Some guys, just with frustration , sent them to the County landfill, while the very conscientious and concerned ones kept accumulating them around the house or garage, […]

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Pi’ilani Highway closes for road construction this week

While we have been watching and reporting on this HDOT project mostly questioning why no sidewalks were included, (SEE ), this week (4/20/15) the intersection will be closed for several evenings. The contractor Goodfellow Brothers has been doing the work in a most cooperative basis reducing the motor vehicle impacts, but now they have […]

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What is happening at the State Legislature ? KCA report on the Saturday meeting

  UPDATE 4/18/15 A trio of KCA directors attended the meeting, along with about twenty So. Maui residents, all with a variety of concerns handled, well by Ing in the 90 minute allocation. The hot topic was the pending legislation on the Hospital. The group was very upset about the possibility of losing services or […]

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KCA testifies again at Council’s B & F Committee

On Wednesday morning (4/15/15) KCA expressed continuing support for safe bicycling in So Maui. While we had done so at the neighborhood committee meeting on April 2, see As this morning meeting on the eight floor was considering matters pertaining to the Department of Public Works (DPW), we joined several safe Maui bicycling advocates […]

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KCA again proposes a safe bike path in Kihei

Running just from Waipuilani to Lipoa, most community members think the greenway makai Liloa is great, but too short. In the 2016 FY budget, is plan to have it continue one more block to the Community Park entrance, although mauka, fronting the Middle School. While we have testified in favor, we believe such a path […]

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Are you aware of SAAM?? Next one is Monday 4/20/15

At times we use this forum to alert our community of items or events which are beyond our prescribed South Maui area, generally island or even county wide, since we believe it has a direct relationship to our community, but goes way beyond us. This is one of those. SAMM stands for Sexual Assault Awareness […]

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4/15/15 UPDATE   At a second court hearing  at 8 AM,  a “replacement” public defender seemed to have some incorrect information about other or additional charges, but agreement was reached for another rescheduled pre-trial hearing on 5/8/15. There seems to be a desire for a a agreed settlement rather than going to trial, but we will await […]

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