Fledgling County Commission is taking wing

      The 2014 Maui County Public Works Commission (PWC) had their second meeting this morning (8/27/14), after three consecutive cancellations since the initial one. months before.  While we have no factual reason for the cancellations, indications of challenges with some of the new volunteer commissioners could be at least a part of it. […]

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Is the North Kihei Black Wall down for good? Nope.

  UPDATE 8/24/14 The answer is no, as yesterday we noted a segment of the construction black screening material is back in place along the existing framework. As indications are a LUC decision on the project may not take place this year, thus prohibiting any physical actions on the grounds , it raises the question, […]

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Pi’ilani Promenade submits a new DEIS to State Land Use Commission (LUC)

UPDATE 8/20/14    Sarofim Realty Advisors of Dallas, Texas have offered a new Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on this notorious project. KCA again will begin analyzing and reviewing this lengthy document for our community. Our intention is to submit  comments to all involved before the cutoff date  of October 7, 2014 7/23/14    Viewing […]

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PUBLIC MEETING! Examines Proposed Residential Condo Project on Kanani Rd.

UPDATE 8/21/14  CHP announced a Community Informational Meeting for this project on September 3, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The public meeting will be held at the Pool Pavilion on the Kai Nani Village Property  1367 SKR ( SW corner of Lipoa)- NOT the site of the new project at  82  Kanani Rd. The […]

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KCA Meeting on Ka’ono’ulu (8/19/14)

Predictions were for strong interest and large turnout for this monthly membership meeting due to the subject matter around the Ka’ono’ulu area of North Kihei,  and   it held true as well over 100 filled both levels of the room almost to capacity.   KCA President Mike Moran’s introduction offered brief synopses of  commercial projects […]

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Kenolio Apartments land clearing this week.

UPDATE    8/19/14   KCA has submitted the EA comments to both CHP and PWC now. In addition the last remnant of the “junkyard” appearance which has lingered for years on this site, the graffiti marred  shipping container has been removed. *************************************************************************************************************************************************** 8/16/14   While your Association is preparing comments this month on the Environmental Assessment […]

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So it will be another used car lot after all, mauka of Highway

UPDATE   August 13, the lot is paved and the trucks and cars are back on site . 8/10/14    For almost two years we have watched and reported on this plot of land mauka of the highway just north of Blackie’s Shell gas station, next to the batting cages. Then on June 6, […]

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Downtown Kihei Project Takes Next BIG Step

UPDATE (8/12/14)  This morning KCA submitted testimony to the County Planning Commission on this project, requesting 3 manini modifications to make it more community friendly. The commissioners voted unanimously to advise the County Council to approve the requested zoning changes and amendment to KMCP. so the project can go forward.                […]

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Is WALGREENS Coming to Kihei? DRC Very Busy!

  This morning, 8/5/14 your Association’s Design Review Committee viewed a presentation on Kihei Walgreens by PBR Hawaii, (PBR) Warren S. Unemorui Engineering (WSUE) and Walgreens. concerning a potential project proposed to be located on the makai side of SKR just north of McDonald’s. As Walgreens is in negotiations for a potential purchase of 5 […]

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Tuesday Aug. 19th General Membership Meeting Looks at Kaonoulu

This Tuesday’s meeting will focus of the Ka’ono’ulu area of No Kihei. What do you think of at the name Ka’ono’ulu? The Ka’ono’ulu Estates? although none of these homes are located on Kaonoulu Street. In fact, no individual houses are on it, only the apartments across from the Maui Lu Resort, & even their address […]

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STIP was back in Kihei on Tuesday

  To follow up after receiving recent community feedback a few months ago, representatives of the Hawaii State Department of Transportation (HDOT) offered an update at Kihei Elementary school on Lipoa at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, 8/5/14. of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP.) Your Association had three representatives there to listen and ask questions […]

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UPDATE    7/30/14  Maui News offered the answer (and a better picture) today. It is the Hamilton A. a private yacht owned by Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichenco   Spotted this afternoon in Maalaea Bay,(7/30/14)  outside the small boat harbor was this white vessel at anchor, seeming a bit too large to enter. The KCA camera […]

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KCA testifies for Styrofoam Ban at Council Committee Monday

This afternoon, 7/28/14 your Association submitted testimony to the Council’s IEM Committee in support of legislation that would severely limit Polystyrene containers throughout the County. This group includes the well known product Styrofoam, which is severely detrimental to many facets of our environment, and has an almost infinite level of endurance. This bill would only […]

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