KCA DRC Scores the Kenolio Apartment Project

  At this morning’s (9/25/14) presentation by Chris Hart and Partners (CHP), which included Ashley and Stacy Otomo of Otomo Engineering Inc. (OTI) and audio input from the developer Pacific West Companies’ (PWC) Doug Gibson and Don Slattery via conference call for the home base in Eagle, ID, the Design Review Committee (DRC) performed a […]

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Alliance of Maui Community Associations Meeting

At this month’s Alliance meeting this Monday 9/21/14, the group examined a laundry list of ways the County government can improve for the benefit of the residents. By compiling a list of issues, concerns and problems, the group worked to decide which segment of government had responsibility, what action might be affected, & who might […]

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Kihei Residents testify to County Planning Committee on Home-Based Businesses

UPDATE 9/19/14  As an all volunteer unfunded non profit, we are challenged at times taking on innumerable efforts for our community. An example of this occurred for the County Council Committee meeting this afternoon, as we had intended to add oral testimony to our written submission, but due to personal emergency, were unable to do so. […]

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Candidate Forums- Ours and Others

As we make preparations for the next  general membership meeting on Oct 21, 2014   featuring the six candidates for 3 County elected offices, we have received inquiries and comments concerning expanding this to many other races. Having held a great number of candidate forums of various types for decades, we believe this is the maximum we […]

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Maui News Editorializes on Kihei High School and DOE

Following the front page article on our September 16 community meeting yesterday (9/17/14),see below,  today (9/18/14) the publisher offered his opinion of the situation. Opening of high school in Kihei now put at 2020 DOE says it can only access $30 million of $130 million allotted September 17, 2014 By EILEEN CHAO – Staff Writer […]

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WHY THE HECK CAN’T WE GET THIS SCHOOL BUILT?!? …build out of high school in Kihei seems distant.

  After last evening’s (9/16/14) general membership meeting, one conclusion may be the start of the very long delayed Kihei High School (KHS) is still a long way off, and allowing the construction time, the first class may not be admitted until 2020…or even later!  KCA Director and Kihei High School Action Team (KHAT) founder […]

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Mayor’s Office Announces Regional Budget Meetings- Kihei 10/6/14

  Sometimes it seems our annual County budget process takes several months to proceed, develop and finalize, then as soon as it takes effect, here come the process for the next year’s one. Well it was July 1, 2014 when our current budget took effect and now just two month’s later, the regional hearings by […]

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Are You in a Flood Zone? Better check as they have moved!

  Sometimes there is mistaken impression that you have to live along the shoreline to be in a flood zone. While living close to coast certainly can put you in a tsunami zone, that is not the same as a flood zone, as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA.) At the Kihei Community […]

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Fledgling County Commission is taking wing

      The 2014 Maui County Public Works Commission (PWC) had their second meeting this morning (8/27/14), after three consecutive cancellations since the initial one. months before.  While we have no factual reason for the cancellations, indications of challenges with some of the new volunteer commissioners could be at least a part of it. […]

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Pi’ilani Promenade submits a new DEIS to State Land Use Commission (LUC)

UPDATE 8/20/14    Sarofim Realty Advisors of Dallas, Texas have offered a new Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on this notorious project. KCA again will begin analyzing and reviewing this lengthy document for our community. Our intention is to submit  comments to all involved before the cutoff date  of October 7, 2014 7/23/14    Viewing […]

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The high school in Kihei will open WHEN?!? Find out this Tuesday.

                                    So you though this was all finally settled, and KHS would commence admitting the first students in 2016? Not so fast, Brah.  Maybe not, Sista.   Let’s hear what the Hawaii Board of Education can advise this […]

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Is the North Kihei Black Wall down for good? Nope.

  UPDATE 8/24/14 The answer is no, as yesterday we noted a segment of the construction black screening material is back in place along the existing framework. As indications are a LUC decision on the project may not take place this year, thus prohibiting any physical actions on the grounds , it raises the question, […]

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KCA Meeting on Ka’ono’ulu (8/19/14)

Predictions were for strong interest and large turnout for this monthly membership meeting due to the subject matter around the Ka’ono’ulu area of North Kihei,  and   it held true as well over 100 filled both levels of the room almost to capacity.   KCA President Mike Moran’s introduction offered brief synopses of  commercial projects […]

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