IMG_4270 IMG_4073IMG_4176IMG_4218IMG_4029IMG_3486IMG_4273IMG_3431IMG_3305IMG_1331UPDATE 9/1/16

The membership decided. Invitations extended soon. Mahalo to those who  participated. If you have not , PLEASE do not grumble.. Once we have confirmation, we will announce the results.

UPDATE! 8/15/15

Yes there was a Menehune induced typo in both this and the newsletter of our email address. The creator  was given a severe reduction in compensation.


8/15/15 Our next community meeting is not until Oct 18- we delayed the September one to October to allow more time after the August primary election. However now the the Nov 8 ballot is set, it is time for the membership to voice which races you want us to cover on 10/18/16

There are nine council races and the District 11 State ledge Representative, so we have to narrow down twenty guys to six, two candidates for each race. Think of it as a pre-election election. Yes, they are ALL important to our area, but we can’t do everything, and we hope other org’s will be stepping up again, as they did in primary.

We want to send out invitation to candidates on 9/1, so you have just over two weeks to send email with choices. PLEASE, no IMG_4167candidate questions yet; we’ll do that later. Just which six candidates you want to be invited for our October 18, 6:30 PM event. Get thoseIMG_4271 IMG_4272  emails in soon.