7/12/2018 #kihei
You probably received this post card last month from Maui County Clerk, Elections Division with valuable voter information. You see it clearly states “Voter Registration Deadline for Primary election is Thursday, July 12, 2018”. So if it is July 13, and you have NOT registered, you missed the deadline, right? You then can’t vote in the primary election on August 11, right?

Answer is no and no. So what does the “deadline” really mean? It means you have missed the easiest way to register, not the only way. In fact you have two other opportunities to still register and vote. But now it requires you to physically go someplace to register, & it likely will take you longer to get it done. But even so, it is worth it so you can vote.

The first option is “early walk in voting.” You see that info on the card too; between Monday 7/30 and Thursday 8/9/18. What it does NOT say on the card is you can register and vote at the same time (WHY?). But you can. Yes you have to have proof, like a driver’s license and it will take some time, so allow for it and do not miss voting.

But say you blew it AGAIN. Hey you are a busy person; you planned to do it, but somehow it is August 10, and you did not. And tomorrow August 11 is election day. YOU CAN STILL REGISTER AND VOTE! AT THE POLLS ON ELECTION DAY, YOU CAN BOTH REGISTER AND VOTE.

So do not wake up Sunday morning, grumbling about the election results if you struck out with three great opportunities to register and then vote .