9/13/16– While Waikapu is often ignored when their area residence Council seat is discussed- it is not just the Wailuku seat- they stepped up by having both new candidates answer questions at their quarterly Community Association http://waikapumaui.org/ meeting at the Waikapu Community Center beginning right at 7:00 PM on Monday (9/12/16)

With no incumbent, the two surviving candidates from the primary election, Alika Atay and Dain Cane, sat side by side to answer community questions from WCA president Reid Kawabata after each offered a seven minute opening statement.

Preceding the major meeting segment, Kawabata introduced the WCA history committee chair Hokuau Garcia-Peligrino to offer a brief statement about the importance of Waikapu area history.

With about forty concerned guys present, including several KCA members , after the opening statements, Kawabata asked each a series of questions previously gathered by the Association, at first the same question to each, while allowing a seeming vague time limit of 2 to 3 minutes, and then after a two minute break, some of the questions were candidate specific.



Look for a professional report of the meeting in the Maui Newimg_4312 img_4311img_4300 img_4305s, likely 9/14/16

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