9/30/22 UPDATE  So did you submit an application yet? There is still plenty of time, but do not get shut out. Get aboard the board!

Apply here: https://gokihei.org/membership/kca-board-of-directors-application

Questions here:  kca@gokihei.org


8/29/22  #kihei

We’ve yet to see the Keep Kihei Kihei bumper sticker but if there were one, who wouldn’t want one?  As far back as the 1950’s, a small and dedicated group of Kihei lovers got together and tackled projects in our community that needed doing. They saw a need and went to work. No bureaucracy, no one telling them it can’t be done or interfering with their mission. And the mission?  To Keep Kihei Kihei–a quiet, unspoiled beach town in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that not many people paid any mind to.


Their efforts were evident everywhere in Kihei. Soon the little band of do-gooders got bigger and stronger and by 1960, the Kihei Community Association was incorporated with the following mission statement in the bylaws:


To encourage, promote and aid in developing, improving and maintaining the area of Kihei, island and county of Maui, as a desirable residential community; to develop unified community spirit; to do any and all things to promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents within the Kihei area; to encourage recreation and service programs to enhance social life and community welfare within the Kihei area; to promote better understanding and fellowship among its members, their families and all residents of the Kihei area.


It’s long and cumbersome but the meaning is clear. More recently, KCA adopted a shortened vision statement that reigns today.

  “e malama pono”…dedicated to protecting,
sustaining and enhancing our ʻāina, kai and ʻohana

KCA has accomplished much for our community over the past 60 plus years during which time it’s been discovered as the jewel that it is, becoming a busy seaside resort area.  In keeping with the 1998 Kihei-Makena Community Plan, KCA has done its best over the years to manage this growth so that infrastructure and natural beauty are not overwhelmed by rapid development.  This requires more interaction with government bodies, a stronger voice and more people willing to step up and help. 


The KCA bylaws call for an annual election of candidates to serve on the board of directors. KCA is seeking new members for the 2023 board to keep the organization moving forward. This is not a fancy job nor does it require a higher education though if you have one, great. You can be retired, working, young and in school, experienced in water sports, acting, government, public relations, building, city planning, development, computer graphics, IT, anything computer, writing, law, sales, finance, or even nothing at all. All that is required is a passionate desire to KEEP KIHEI KIHEI

If that’s you and you have just a few hours a month to be actively involved in moving the vision forward, let us hear from you!

Apply here: https://gokihei.org/membership/kca-board-of-directors-application

Questions here:  kca@gokihei.org