9/20/19 #kihei
Yesterday afternoon at 3:00 PM two KCA directors joined our two State elected legislators, Sen Roz Baker and Representative Tina Wildberger, some school administrators, parents, DOE’s Kathleen Dimono , Lauren Loor of Healthy  Eating & Active Living (HEAL) , Blue Zones’ Project Rep Laksmi Abraham and a few others at the State Department of Transportation (DOT) facility in Kahului near the airport.  The purpose was a presentation on the “Safe Routes To School” Program, which was a ninety minute offering by three presenters, Coordinator Tara Lucas and Safety Coordinator Dana Taramoto from DOT, and Civil Engineer from the County’s Public Works, Kurt Wantanabe, via an extensive team slide presentation.

Kurt Wantanabe

Tara Lucas

Dana Taramoto

Of course our district has massive safety concerns about present and future student (and others) wellbeing and security when transiting our streets and roadways. The heavy focus is the Pi’ilani highway with the required off-grade (favored underpass) for the new high school, and mitigation at Lipoa intersection. In addition, multimodal transit along that highway is also an ever worsening matter for anyone not in a motor vehicle. (Cyclists see complete elimination of any safe passage northbound near Kulanihakoi now and for the foreseeable future.) But these matters were not directly addressed in this worthwhile presentation.

(However one aside which was not any part of the presentation: we did learn the DOT is working with MPD to potentially require a momentary all traffic stop at the intersection to allow the charter school a mass exit  each school day afternoon – stay tuned)

And now for the presentation:

Tara led off and then they switched out speaking on the various segments.

Lauren Loor

Laksmi Abraham