8/4/17 #kihei
OK Maui guys, especially South Maui guys, know HIHWNMS means Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, also called the Whale Sanctuary, which was created in 1992. And while it does have segments around each of the other islands, the major portion is right here in and beyond Maalaea Bay, and the facility for it is right at 726 South Kihei Road in North Kihei. But the headquarters has always been located on Oahu in Honolulu

Now the SAC is the Sanctuary Advisory Council. and that was established a few years later. It contains 52 members appointed by the Sanctuary management, and is composed of a wide (well there are 52!) range of participants. The periodic meetings, seemingly every other month or so, are mostly held at the Honolulu office, but on occasions like this month, at other locations. This time it is Kihei’s turn, a first in the past several years.

This meeting is scheduled August 16 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM with the highly unusual setup to take public testimony at 2:45 PM.

Part of the meeting is said to discuss the “Sanctuary’s new headquarters in Kihei.” So is this stating after all these 25 years the headquarters is moving from Honolulu to Kihei?

You can get that answer and any other information from Shannon Lysay Ruseborn at 808 725-5905 or email shannon.ruseborn@noaa.gov

Or just attend next Wednesday, 8/16/17