9/24/16 Do we get the government we deserve? Why do so few in our County make decisions for all of us? We continue to wonder, but sure do not have the answer.

It starts with voter registration, and so many among us won’t do so. Next is those who are registered to vote, but do not partake in the election, and then there are those who do vote, but fail to choose anyone in several contests. “If you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice,” -Getty Lee

The majority make that choice not to decide, so a limited number of us select our representatives. So be it.

The vast majority of KCA members are participants in the process. At our election forums, it is difficult to find an attendee who is not voting. Holding these forums, like the upcoming October 18 one, fielding 1/3 of the Council races, is one of the ways we participate in the process. Another is to inform and educate the Community.

Proceeding with that aspect we remind you that Akaku, Maui Community Media, has been very busy this week videoing all candidates willing to partake. Shortly you have the opportunity to watch and listen to seemingly everyone. But many want to see them in person- like at our Oct 18 forum, as well as other ones.

Therefore we alert you that there is another one set in October on Monday 10/3 at 5:00 PM presented by The Maui Filipino Working Group at the Binhi at Ani Community Center at 780 Onehee Av in Kahului, free and open to the public. Apparently all Council candidates have been invited. Our expectation is many questions asked there will not match those asked at KCA- you have one more week to submit yours to us at

You decision makers might want to head into town Monday evening. For more info call Comelia Soberano at 298-3948