While it is our understanding that this first true physical action, a breaking of the ground at the DOE’s Kihei High School site is manini at best, we expect after decades of waiting and promises not kept, a large segment of our community will be very pleased at ANY action. So while we called the DOE for confirmation (and our call was FINALLY returned, advising we had to wait to see it in media) expect many will record the date 1/11/16 as the first movement toward this long awaited High School.

We would not venture a guess when the first students will walk through the high school doors at this school, but a least families with young kikei have hope they can attend this level of their education in their home district, and not need to be bussed into town.

The DOE has seemingly announced the schedule groundbreaking will occur at 9:00 AM next Monday at the site mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway at Kulanihakoi in No. Kihei. We advise keep watching for confirmation, as we have been misled before on most everything with this much needed Kihei School.

Andrew Beerer

Andrew Beerer