UPDATE:  11/17/14    As a simple tribute to her memory, this plaque is affixed to a KCA  Kalama Park bench at the oceanfront in the central part of the park fronting the parking lot between the ball fields and the playground area.

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2/28/14   We expect most everyone has now learned many of the sad details of the charter plane crash on Lanai that took the lives of three Maui residents, as well as three survivors with very serious injuries. Our condolences to all the ohana, and best wishes for recovery to the three guys now at Queens.

As our members know, we feel a special loss for Kihei’s Kathleen Kern, the County Long Range Planner who has been an asset to the Association both publicly and behind the scene for several years. Scanning our website you see her participating in numerous panels, and on closer examination you see her in the audience not only at KCA community meetings, but several others as well. She was a source of knowledge and guidance to many of us collaborating to try to make our part of our island home a better place for everyone. Aloha Kathleen.