Or is mostly slogans, campaigns and feel good activities?

Ohukai and Pi’ilani Highway Intersection without sidewalks




Did you know that August is pedestrian safety month?  What makes pedestrian safety?  Sidewalks parallel to roadways so we do not have to walk, wheelchair or push a stroller adjacent to cars and trucks; an off grade (0ver or under) pedestrian crossing of a high speed highway so pedestrians are totally segregated from motor vehicles? If our government works in opposition to such safety measures, are they working against pedestrian safety? It sure sounds that way to us.

When the State DOT fights against a legal requirement for an off grade crossing at the future high school; when they refuse to construct a short stretch of sidewalk on Ohukai to complete the county one to connect to the highway while spending millions to revamp the intersection, are they supporting pedestrian safety?

For county government, if we still have no contiguous sidewalk along South Kihei Rd; if pedestrians are forced to walk out onto much of the undivided roadway along numerous narrow segments, is that supporting pedestrian safety?  Is that a way to lead to “Vision Zero” Policy on no deaths by 2040?

Are governments saying one thing but doing another by their actions?

Hawai?i DOT & Partners Launch 12th Annual Statewide Pedestrian Safety Month