UPDATE  7/31/21

7/28/21 #Kihei  




New bus stop shelter makai S Kihei Rd @ Lipoa

View from south


Under construction in early July, 2021

Ready for bus shelter placement July 25, 2021











Kihei is generally considered the center of the South Maui District. Lipoa St. may be the demarcation between North and South Kihei.  

So what is happening at the central  intersection along S. Kihei Rd. fronting St Teresa Church? This SW corner has a very wide segment of pavement, seemingly wide enough for a sidewalk, a bike path (or at least a bike lane), but for years it has just been totally open and unmarked. A few weeks ago we noted construction activity there and now we see this platform set up to erect a bus shelter in place very soon–a good first step.