UPDATE  10/16/20 Unfortunately our forum will NOT be on Akaku this time, but you CAN see it on FaceBook Live even if you do not have a Facebook account


9/20/20 #kihei


Our third and final forum is another virtual one, meaning you can view it on Facebook Live (even if you do not have a Facebook page), or two choices on Akaku, Maui Community Media; Ch 54 or via their website, www.akaku.org. You cannot use Zoom, as only the four candidates, Akaku  and  KCA support team have access this tool, but you can see it live on the three choices. As some are aware while Facebook Live worked just fine in our first one, we were knocked out in September due to some tech glitch between Zoom & Facebook, but everyone with either Cable TV or internet access could participate.

So just one month from today we have East Maui and Molokai contests, and each is a repeat of the previous election with the same two pair of candidates. But what is different for Molokai is the incumbent and challenger positions have flip-flopped. In East Maui, last time they both were new candidates trying to fill an open seat. 

Another unusual facet is while our forum, as always on the third Tuesday, is two weeks before election, it is possible to have already mailed in your ballot. We do encourage mailing in your ballot as soon as possible, but if you are not sure about either or both of these races you might complete  all the other races including your choice on all seven proposed Charter Changes, the fill in the last blanks.

Be sure you do vote in all races, including the seven contested Council races, as each winner has an equal say about So Maui, regardless of when they live.



Shane Sinenci (image: mauicounty.us)

Claire K. Carroll (image: Honolulu Civil Beat)

Stacy Helm Crivello (image: civilbeat.org)

Keani Rawlins Fernandez (image: mauicounty.us)