UPDATE  10/27/20  THE MEETING RAN OVERTIME mostly because both matters drew a large number of public testifiers. The latter item, Hale Kaiola 100% work force (affordable) housing project in N Kihei never got beyond that testimony and matter will carry over until 11/10 meeting. Of interest the County Council Panel already gave it unanimous approval.

So more wait and see at the MPC on both projects,  Stay tuned!




10/24/20 #Kihei   Commencing at 9:00 this Tuesday the Maui Planning Commission (MPC)  has two very distinct housing projects on the agenda. Our Design Review committee reviewed both projects and offered comments to each developer.  Additionally, we submitted written testimony on both and we will attempt to offer live testimony on both projects, however, currently oral testimony is allowed on one project at a time requiring one to spend several hours waiting for the second opportunity at some unannounced time. This makes it exceedingly challenging for the public and strongly favors developers and their paid staff and supporters.  In spite of comments that this system can be improved, it remains in place. The first project on the agenda is for a large market rate, high end housing project in N. Wailea to be built “for people who will move to Maui” while the smaller one in N. Kihei is for the “working families” who live here now.

MPC Chair L Carnicelli

SEE      https://www.mauicounty.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/27701