Percentage of annual CIP’s by district says we definitely DO NOT!

10/9/19 #budget #kihei
What are Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)? In our county these includes all facets of multimodal infrastructure like streets, sidewalks and bike paths; fresh water, recycled water  and sewage lines; parks facilities, fire department facilities and equipment – expenses that are not operational but for improvements or repairs. So similar districts in size and population have much of the same needs for these categories, so should receive similar average funding to cover these needs over the years, right?

We have looked at West Maui and Central Maui percentages of CIP each year and compared them to our district and found a consistent pattern that the South side is far behind the other two overall:

Comparing South Maui (Kihei-Makena) $hare of CIP funding with other island districts in past county Administration annual budgets this century

Fiscal Year Kihei-Makena West Maui Central Maui
2020 4% 22% 28%
2019 6.9% 7.5% 47.7%
2018 7.7% 25% 30%
2017 13,6% 25.9% 17.6%
2016 8.8% 18% 26.7%
2015 14.5% 13.5% 11.1%
2014 7.7% 21.0% 20.0%
2013 13.4% 18.5% 29.5%
2012 24.9% 14.5% 9.1%
2011 25% 21% 16%
2010 1% 8% 46%
2009 12% 15% 23%
2008 10% 18% 28%
2007 6% 21% 13%

As can be seen in these numbers, the only time South Maui received a sizable chunk of CIP was for building the new police station.

So what can we expect in the 2021 budget? As far as community interest, the very weak turnout this evening at the 5:30 PM meeting at the Community Center could be interpreted as very little community concern. For KCA however we had seven directors present, which almost matched the total of others present, and of course there were many more  Administrative personnel than public in the big room.

Most of the KCA team addressed various concerns to several departments including Planning, DOT, Public Works, Parks & Rec , Budget and the Fire Department.

KCA president Mike Moran pointed out the disparity when the audience was asked for its priorities. Mayor Victorino replied that he agreed that South Maui should have a larger share and that he will talk to Mike about which projects need more funding.