4/4/19 #kihei   

Almost two years ago the Kihei Community Association took a walk along South Kihei Road (SKR) with then-Maui Public Works Director David Goode for a physical representation of our sidewalks plan which we had created several months before.

It exposed numerous challenges. There were segmented sidewalks, disappearing bike lanes and sidewalks ending on one side of the road and starting on the other side, but with no safe direct way to get there.

The ramp lines up with the walking path on South Side of Kamali’i Alayna


So far, we have not added a foot of sidewalk nor a single improvement for bicyclists. However, we will soon have a marked crosswalk to facilitate crossing the road from the sidewalk mauka to the sidewalk makai. The crosswalk location is just south of Waiapo Street at the Kamali’i Alayna Housing development. This is all south of Kulanihakoi Street. We are taking baby steps.

The white concrete slab in bottom of picture is terminus of the crosswalk on makai side of SKR



Note yellow ADA pad on mauka side