UPDATE 10/3/19  For those who just pick these items up on Facebook and do not use the website for input, we offer you a reminder, we are unable to react there with any regularity to comments and questions. We do try to read them. Our workload grows as the number of volunteers dwindles. If you want a question answered, pose it in the interactive comments section of the website post. However  on this item. we will comment that we stated originally they expect to go before Planning Commission early 2020. IF you have concerns THAT is where to take ACTION

10/2/19 #kihei

Yesterday afternoon the KCA Design Review Committee (DRC) welcomed LEDCOR senior VP Paul Woodward along with former  County Public  Works Director David Goode, now with LEDCOR, as well as Munekiyo-Hiraga’s Mark Roy to our office to present an “Early Consultation” for the largest of three projects they are planning in the area of northern Wailea.

 Under the name Wailea Resort SF-S Partners, this is a  23 acre plot for an expected 57 single family large homes off of Kapili Street between Kilohana and  Okalani Dr. They expect to go to the County Planning Commission at the first of the new year for a Special Management Area (SMA) permit and an Environmental Assessment(EA).

 As KCA continually strives to have developers come to us early in their process, we were most appreciative.