This evening’s (7/17/16) meeting at Kaunoa of the Alliance members had a duel mission of informing some of the very scare data about future plans of A & B of the lands soon to be empty of a sugar plantation. Participation by nine guys representing seven Island Community Associations, including three KCA’s, began with a oral presentation from Pukalani President Donna Clayton. This concerned a meeting on July 7, organized by the County Administration including Mayor Arakawa and his EA Teena Rasmussen, representatives of H C & S/ A & B and a group of small farmers and trail advocates addressing the future use of the 36,000 acres.

She related that while definitive information was sparse, there was mention of “field trails” for grazing cattle and fuel crops, but emphasis was no plan will be forthcoming until water issues are settled.

The remainder of the extended meeting ( we had to leave after 2.5 hours when meeting was wrapping up) was devoted to upcoming elections for state & County Council offices.

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