Dan Burden explains plan to community

Dan Burden

8/15/18 #kihei
While the tragic incident taking three lives at the intersection of the Pi’ilani Highway at Welakahao once again raised the concern about South Maui’s only highway, this is not a new matter. Early this century, when the two lane highway was re-striped (NOT widened) for a 4 lane undivided highway with narrower traffic lanes, narrower & at times very skinny shoulders, which required a reduced speed limit (suggestion?) of 40 MPH, it became a more dangerous road. Over a decade later the volume has greatly increased, exacerbating the situation, but no actions were taken for improvement.

But several years ago there was a professional, progressive, practical proposal offered in conjunction with the State Department of Education’s long preparation for a high school in Kihei by Dan Burden. SEE: https://gokihei.org/environment/transportation-plans-for-south-maui.

The proposal covered a good portion of the highway in North Kihei, and much beyond for a holistic approach to safer transportation, and we believe may be extrapolated to the entire Kihei area surrounding the length of the Pi’ilani Highway.

WALC Institute_Kihei High School Pedestrian Route Report_Draft June 2014_High Resolution_Packaged_sm

(Download here)

Rather than trying to upgrade single intersections in dire need, we need forward thinking engineers and planners to following existing plans to implementation.

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