UPDATE 7/31/20  HURRY UP!  If you have not already done so, take time this weekend to complete your ballot- SIGN IT- & get in the mail on Monday


7/22/20 #kihei
For the vast majority in our region, this is your ballot. There are two pix here because you need to vote on both the front and back. As we do not endorse candidates, our only recommendation  is to participate. If you are registered, you have your ballot; if you do not, check with the County Clerk NOW.

But before you fill in the ballot you have to be informed. We had our candidate forum  last evening. You can watch it here:


We have our two question survey sent to all 20 candidates here:


Numerous media have all sorts of interviews, Q & A’ s, forums etc. Candidates have websites. If you are  unsure. look listen and read so your vote is meaningful. Then get your ballot sent.                               

So what is the process?? 

You (almost all of us) should be voting for a South Maui District Representative for the Hawaii State House; a US Congressional candidate for District II; four OHA candidates, one in each category; and four County Council candidates, Yes 2/3 of the County guys move onto general elections in November, but you only pick one now.

BUT FIRST in the primary elections you pick a political party, and then follow only that party on the front of the ballot for the State & Federal races. When you flip it over to OHA & Council, it does not apply because those races are non-partisan. 

When pau, remember to SIGN IT and plan to mail by 8/3 to insure it arrives on time.