Aloha Community Members,

I’m writing today to ask you to share this announcement recruiting volunteers for Pacific Whale Foundation’s annual Whale Day, held at Kalama Park in Kihei on Saturday, February 19th.

What’s the most important part of ensuring that Whale Day is a success?


Last year, more than 200 wonderful individuals stepped forward to volunteer at Whale Day. We needed every one of them!

This year, we are short on volunteers.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today — to ask if you would please help us find volunteers by sharing this message with friends, neighbors and family. Please volunteer!

When you volunteer for a shift, you’ll receive a SPECIAL EDITION Maui Whale Festival Staff t-shirt — the shirt worn exclusively by our staff and volunteers. (Most of the shifts are about three and a half hours; some are even a bit shorter.)

And here’s good news: we have a new online volunteer registration and scheduling system that will make it easy to sign up. Or, don’t hesitate to contact Kelly at 856-8320 and I’ll be happy to sign you up for a volunteer shift.

Start by clicking here or pasting this link into your browser:

Click on “I would like to volunteer for this organization” and create your own username and password. Please do not choose any shifts — yet.

I’ll send you a confirmation that your username and password have been accepted, and you can log back in, to select the shifts that you want.

Please note: If you have worked with Keith Ranney’s “Art of Volunteering” organization, you are already familiar with this system and already have your own username/password. You can simply enter that information and choose your events and shifts. No worries if you’ve forgotten your password — there’s an option to regenerate it.

Of course, if you need assistance, please call me at (808) 249-8811 ext. 2. I am happy to walk you through it.

Thank you in advance for pitching in and lending a hand. Your help does make a difference — a tremendous difference!


Kelly Vough
Director of Membership and Giving
Pacific Whale Foundation