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24 years after the adoption of the previous community plan for our area – the 1998 Kihei-Makena Community Plan – work is now in progress to define the vision for South Maui for the next 20 years: the South Maui Community Plan (SMCP).

The County of Maui Planning Department released a draft plan in late August this year. In November, the Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) was formed with four members appointed by the Mayor and nine by the County Council – all residents of South Maui. The CPAC will complete its review of the proposal by summer 2023, then it goes to the Planning Commission and then to the County Council for final decisions.

This is a once in a generation opportunity for South Maui residents to follow the development of the plan and to provide their own ideas for what to prioritize, where development should happen and how much and of what type, where we need new parks and trails and much more.

The CPAC meets every week on Wednesday 5:30-8:30pm. The location varies, but next week it will be at the Kihei Community Center. The public is welcome to come and watch and provide testimony – written and/or oral – to influence the outcome.

Oral testimony is only allowed for items on the agenda at the meeting. This is the current plan for meetings and topics, but it may be updated as work progresses:

Plan as of November 17 

Your testimony will have the most impact if it directly references proposed policies and actions that are to be discussed at the week’s meeting. The best way to ensure that is to submit written testimony by noon on a Monday for the specific topics of the week’s meeting to wearesouthmaui@mauicounty.gov. Then it can be posted on the SMCP website and reviewed by the CPAC members and the community ahead of the meeting. The policies and topics to be discussed are posted as links under:

Meeting Materials

For example, on Wednesday, December 7, the CPAC will discuss policies and actions related to housing (Goal 2.2).

Written testimony can be submitted for any topic of the SMCP, but it may not affect the outcome as much if it refers to a topic that has already been completed.

You can submit written testimony and also participate in a meeting and provide oral testimony on the same or other topics.

To  facilitate community participation, KCA will provide a short summary each week of topics to be discussed at Wednesday’s CPAC meeting.

You can also sign up with the County to receive email updates on the plan. The form is at the bottom of the page.



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