At a sparsely attended public meeting Monday (4/9/12) evening at 5:00 PM at Maui Waena school in Kahului, Transportation Officials offered the community choices available for the first phase on the proposed airport access road between Puunene Av and Hana Highway. With costs ranging from $25 to $45 million for the choice of 3 plans, including Maui’s first ever highway overpass (golf carts at Kaanapali not included,) and the frequent gripes about Dairy Road traffic jams, seemingly the DOT expected a better turn out.

KCA believes much of Maui’s populace is understandably confused with two similar roadway projects in the same area both originating at Puunene and running somewhat parallel toward the airport on each side of Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

See Tuesday’s (4/10/12) Maui News for details of the meeting.