South Maui CPAC 8/30/2023 – Honua‘ula and Overall Map Review

South Maui CPAC 8/30/2023 – Honua‘ula and Overall Map Review


8/28/2023 #kihei #southmaui #cpac #communityplan

Wednesday, August 30, 5:30 pm
Malcolm Center
The South Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee

The committee will review and make decisions on the Planning Department’s proposal for the land use designations for Honua‘ula / Wailea 670. It will also review the land use designations made so far for all other subareas of South Maui and the accompanying text in the draft plan.

Watch in person at the Malcolm Center or on the WeAreSouthMaui Facebook page or BlueJeans.

There will be an opportunity for oral testimony before each item. Written testimony is encouraged; send it to and cc the CPAC chair at, if possible by Monday, August 28.

Honua’ula/Wailea 670 Land Use Designations

From the Planning Department

Original Department Recommended Map (August 2022)

Updated Map from Department (July 2023)


Dean Frampton_Honua’ula/Wailea 670


Review of Adopted Land Use Designations

From the Planning Department

List of Changes Made by CPAC to Department proposals – Maps

From the CPAC Members

Proposed Additional Changes in Land Use Designations

Rob Weltman_Land use designation for TMK 390030160000 and 24 Kupuna Street in Kīhei


Lynn Britton_Subarea 1 (Mā‘alaea)

Harry Lake_Subarea 2 (North Kīhei)

Clarence Suda_Subarea 3 (South Kīhei)

Calvert Chipcase_Subarea 4 (Wailea)

Eduardo Gandolfo_Subarea 4 (Wailea)

William Spence_Subarea 5 (Mākena)

Mark Hyde – Response to Harry Lake’s Letter to CPAC (North Kīhei)

Mark Hyde – We Need Housing, Not Retail on the 88 Acre Parcel (North Kīhei)

Clarence Suda – Land use designation for TMK 390030160000 and 24 Kupuna Street in Kīhei

Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation_Subarea 2 (North Kīhei)

Robb Cole_Subarea 5 (Mākena)

Requests to designate the Pōhakea property in Mā‘alaea as Open Space instead of Agriculture


Text of Subarea Descriptions, Sections 3.3 – 3.5

From the Planning Department

Section 3.3 | Community Plan Map and Subareas_Text (Updated 6/21/23)

Section 3.4 | Areas of Change_Text (Updated 6/21/23)

Section 3.5 | Areas of Stability_Text




Other Committee business




The schedule for the remaining meetings is here.

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