8/24/22 #kihei

Were you around when the current Kihei Makena Community Plan became law in 1998?  While it is supposed to be updated every decade, obviously this does not happen, and now after 24 years, it is being rechristened the South Maui Community Plan (SMCP) and the update process is underway.

Last evening, the Long Range Planning Division held an open house at the Community Center on Lipoa commencing at 4:00 pm to introduce its version of the updated plan via these enlarged features. You can find everything now at the website,  southmaui.wearemaui.org 



The Long Range Planning Division of the County Planning Dept. has spent well over a year with assistance of a contracted private firm to conduct community outreach. It held a series of meetings with stakeholders, many who were residents of South Maui, the results of which were presented at the open house.  The next step is to begin the first of three required steps for the review–establish the Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), an all volunteer group of 13 S. Maui residents who will gather information in a series of public meetings for up to 6 months. The County Council has gone through a complex process to select their 9 members. The remaining 4 will be named by the Mayor, which he has yet to do, so this step is on hold. The entire process includes input by the Maui Planning Commission and the County Council and can take up to two years, but with delays like this, we expect to see the new revision in 2025.


S. Maui Council member Kelly Takaya King and Long Range Planning supervisor Pam Eaton




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