UPDATE 8/25/22  THE COUPE DE GRAS :  The County Administration took their ultimate action concerning our request to rectify the almost invisible STOP for vehicles before turn left…..They just blacked it out totally!  Thus they made it even more dangerous for pedestrians in the crosswalk. I guess that is part of “Vision  Zero”  The possible of  having visibility of the STOP is now zero.

The fadng STOP is now just removed from the left turn pocket









UPDATE 7/27/22 By now it is apparent our Request for Service (RSF) last year has been ignored by the Administration’s Public Works Dept. While lines and arrows were repainted in this area, we see they ignored our specific request for the STOP to be repainted. In fact it is even more easy to ignored the faded STOP in the left turn pocket. We spent several minutes at the intersection twice this week to watch drivers going south on Liloa to see how many stopped before turning left into to mall. None did.


UPDATE 6/28/22 As of today we see more of the roadway lane markings and some crosswalks have been repainted, but our major request in our RFS was for the STOP sign in the left turn pocket. So far that has not been done, and we see no crew in the area. Thus, this may indicate the work is pau, and they are not fixing this major safely failing.






















UPDATE  6/23/22    Last year we filed a Request For Service (RFS) because we found the intersection was dangerous. Vehicles traveling South on Liloa who intended to turn left into the Safeway shopping plaza had been required to stop before turning from the pocket by a sign painted on the roadway. It has been about a decade and the sign and other paint on the street has been all but been obliterated.  Today we saw a DPW Highways Division crew working in the area repainting.

“STOP” not repainted yet, but we hope soon


Vehicles not stopping before turning left in front of northbound vehicles and across the crosswalk

We hope the STOP is the next action by the crew.


11/24/21 #kihei

As best we can determine it has been over ten years since this section of Liloa Place just north of the roundabout had markings painted, so they are illegible and thus ignored. Almost all drivers fail to stop before turning left into Safeway parking lot, and while they may look for northbound vehicles, not all are on the lookout for the pedestrians walking in the crosswalk. We have requested Public Works repaint this segment of Liloa Drive.

Does this say STOP before you make the left turn?

Can you see lane lines, directional arrows, stop line?