In a meeting with KCA this morning (4/25/12), Sempra representatives Lisa Briggs and construction manager Dan Hyatt, along with Leilani Pulmano of Munekiyo and Hiraga,  explained their Auwahi Wind farm project, already in initial stage on construction,  likely will only affect the South Maui coastal area during a  three week period in August. when 3 to 4 truckloads of components per day will be trucked across our area between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, and not during peak traffic times. All other construction materials will be brought to the Ulapalakula Ranch area via Kula.  IMG_1610.JPG


They plan to complete the project, consisting of  eight turbines with a capacity of 21 MW, including 4.4MWh storage (battery) capacity, by end of this year. Sempra expects to generate enough electricity to power 10000 ” typical Maui homes.”