NOAA Presents Monk Seal Critical Habitat Plan

An active, and at times almost hostile, audience attened the Kihei Community Center to hear NOAA offer a proposed critical habitat for the critically endanged Hawaiian Monk Seal to include portions of araes near the major habitated Hawaiian Islands.



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One Response to “NOAA Presents Monk Seal Critical Habitat Plan”

  1. NO MONK SEAL IN MHI. Lets be fair, move over and make room for the monk seal. Man created a problem so lets fix it with another man’s assets. How many hundreds of pounds does a pup/young adult eat per day? Science study says hundreds of #’s. Where is the science study for impact to the environment/people-MIA, missing in action. Science re: impact is academically inadequate. Is NOAA funding fool’s errand with high-rise size issues w/poor quality science.

    Why is it that the grant crutch is only solution? Is $$ amount to ship, maintain, stdy, return, and pay for project reasonable? Man made error should have man-who-made-problem repair it instead of grants and MHI and Hawaii’s subsistent community and commercial fishermen.

    MS. Watson’s “for hire” consultation worthless and shameful in this one-in-a-line of inadequate consultations.

    Jeff Waters and scientist not interested in impact, only mitigation. Waste time! Just say No monk seal in MHI.