MNMRC Monthly meeting at PWF in Maalaea this evening

KCA has been a long term supporter of the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council (MNMRC) While the marine environment in South Maui has been a decades long KCA concern, our by laws dictate that we must address many other issues in our area. Conversely, while MNMRC concerns are only on matters related to the marine environment, their focus is county wide. In addition some of our officers have been active committee members at MNMRC, and at least one board member of MNMRC serves on a KCA committee.

Thus we took the opportunity to attend the MNMRC meeting this evening (6/1/16) at the Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) classroom in Maalaea, partially as a followup to the workshop last month SEE: .

We remain extremely concerned about S Maui marine water quality based of these scientists’ reports, and also by the lack of any government reaction or indication of concern on county or state level. In discussion with Councilman Couch, he indicates he is unaware of any problem in Kihei. Some residents have questioned why no warning signs are placed at the parks to alert potential ocean users of the health concern? If someone becomes ill after spending time in these near shore waters and is alerted to the conditions afterward, is this a lawsuit in the making? Our understanding is a lawsuit has been filed concerning the Kihei injection wells.

There were several other environmental issues discussed, many beyond S. Maui, but of course it is all one ocean, whose conditions affect the entire county. One major one is a water quality monitoring volunteer program being established on the west side.

We commend MNMRC for their extraordinary efforts.

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2 Responses to “MNMRC Monthly meeting at PWF in Maalaea this evening”

  1. Thanks, Mike, for your kind words, support and partnership over the past 7 years. We appreciate everything you and the KCA folks do and the collaboration between us. According to a multitude of highly acclaimed scientists from around the world who spoke at last week’s International Coral Reef Symposium on Oahu, warming water temperatures make it imperative that we dramatically increase our efforts to protect coral reefs by decreasing stressors from land based sources of pollution, namely: storm water runoff; waste water seepage; sediment from development sites; overfishing. I look forward to support your efforts and those of Maui County to save our coral reefs.

  2. Glad we can pitch in, Robin. (For those unaware, Robin is a founder, and the current leader of MNMRC) Mahalo for the update of the Symposium, which in our estimation received weak media coverage. KCA’s current plan is to address this concern to all the current candidates to ascertain their positions and proposed solutions to aid voters in making informed choices in upcoming elections. After elections, we will be exploring a public membership meeting to have knowledgeable guys inform our membership and the community .